Paul Rodwell's Sites

Paul has created a number of Federated Wiki sites for himself.

A coder, and curator on github , of fedwiki.


Think of forage as a Commonplace Book, in Federated Wiki. A collection of pages forked from elsewhere, so they are not misplaced, together with my own content.

federated wiki

This wiki was created for a pod for developing a roadmap for ongoing development of federated wiki. – We share an interest in the continued growth in federated wiki as an important concept and in the open codebase that demonstrates its advantages.

Notes related to the current development spike.

A collection of wiki pages that exhibit some strangeness. Strangeness being defined in this instance as something about the journal that causes it not to be able to recreate the current story.

A place for writings about the next version of Federated Wiki. Trying to keep notes separate from those for previous version.

Thoughts, mainly, about the development of Federated Wiki.

pods / happenings

Site used during the first Federated Wiki Happening, at the end of 2014.

A collection of notes on learning by doing.

dat sites

These are historic sites, and are currently mirrored to the wider federation by hashbase. For those using Beaker 1.0 there are hyperdrive archives.

We have been interested in developing a variant of the Federated Wiki client that stores wiki in dat sites for some time. And, have made a couple of private starts at doing this - but have stumbled with connecting with the wider federation as the security model within Beaker has changed as it matures.

Thoughts and Observations on Dat based Wiki — Here I will collect my thoughts and observations on this dat based Wiki. _Originally mirrored using, this service is no longer available_

Think of forage as a Commonplace Book, in Federated Wiki. This time hosted using the dat variant of Federated Wiki.

Thoughts and implememtation notes on the future of Federated Wiki, the Hypercore Protocol Edition.